Digipos Kassaladen elektrisch EC410 " B-Stock "

Product code : BYPOS-EC410Lade
Warranty : 12 months

€34,00 €41,14


De BYPOS kassalade is een 4 biljetten en 8 munten kassalade gemaakt van staal. Simple aansluiten aan Bon printer of kassasysteem! het werkt met bijna alle bonprinters! (Espon en Star bonprinter)

Let op! deze is geen handmatig kassalade

  • Solide metalen kassalade
  • RJ11/12 connector (Kabel wordt mee geleverd) voor aansluiting op Star, Eposn, Citizen & Bixolon printers.
  • 4 Biljet- (metalen klemmen) en 8 muntvakken
  • Afmetingen: (W)410 x (D)415 x (H)100
  • Verwijderbare insert (Geldlade)
  • Afsluitbaar met sleutel
  • Gewicht: 7,2 Kg.


"B-Stock" products are functional but cannot be sold as new, due to impaired physical condition, missing items, or both. Each unit has been inspected and classified into one of three "Condition Codes".

Condition Codes are located in the 4th character of the BYPOS Europe part number, in place of the standard hyphen (-). For example, if the standard BYPOS Europe part number for an item is ABC-XXXXX, then a part number of ABC2XXXXX would indicate a B-Stock unit of that same item, in Condition 2. Conditions are defined as follows:

Condition 1: Functional, in very good to excellent condition (new or close to new), packaged in a generic box. May be missing some minor accessories. Minor accessories are defined as cables, manuals, software CDs, straps, cases, Velcro strips, mounting hardware, sample media, etc.

Condition 2: Functional, in fair-to-good condition, packaged in a generic box. May be missing minor accessories (as defined in Condition 1, above). May be missing some or all necessary accessories, including, but not limited to, power supplies, batteries, etc. Noticeable scratches, dents or scuff marks may be present.

Condition 3: Functional, packaged in a generic box. May be missing some or all minor and necessary accessories (as defined in Conditions 1 and 2, above). May be missing various screws, fasteners or non-essential covers, may have very obvious scratches, dents, scuff marks or cracks, may have broken or bent covers, may show signs of shipping damage or usage. Monitors and LCD displays may have one or more dead pixels.

Special Terms and Conditions:

Because B-Stock product has been discounted, special terms and conditions apply: BYPOS Europe cannot accept any return of B-Stock product unless it is Defective On Arrival (DOA). In that case, standard DOA return policies apply, however a replacement can only be made if another B-Stock unit of the same part number is available. BYPOS Europe will not replace a B-Stock product with a new product at the same discounted price.
Orderable quantity is restricted to inventory on hand

Warranty 12 months
Manufacturer Digipos
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