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ratiotec rapidcount B 20 bankbiljetten

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With the banknote counters of the rapidcount B Series from ratiotec you count small cash amounts quickly and reliably. The compact counters process up to 1,000 euro notes per minute. This greatly speeds up the evening cashing-in process in every business. Additionally they feature an automatic start/stop function. The integrated format recognition registers notes with a value up to 100 euros. Thanks to the practical addition function you also determine the total sum of the counted notes in no time at all. You comfortably read the sum and the number of counted notes on the clearly organized display – it does not get much easier than that.

Counterfeit detection occurs quickly and automatically during the counting process. The rapidcount B20 banknote counter checks the notes according to their UV and IR features; with the B40 counter you have an additional level of security with the detection of MG features in the notes. This also applies to the second generation of euro notes, so that no change is necessary. Use both variants as your security needs dictate.

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