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HID PVC MIFARE 1K of 4k Contactless cards

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    HID PVC MIFARE blanco (1K Contactless) cards per (10) stk The MIFARE Classic contactless smart card is used in access management Warranty: 0 months
    excl. 11,00 € Incl. 11,00 €

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    HID PVC MIFARE blanco (4K Contactless) cards per (10) stk Warranty: 0 months
    excl. 25,00 € Incl. 25,00 €

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The MIFARE Classic contactless smart card is used in access management, loyalty, public transport and more. ISO/IEC 14443 Type A compliant. Mifare1k with Chip MF1ICS50.

  • Fully ISO/IEC 14443Type A 1-3 compliant, ensuring a broad marketplace of solution developers and providers
  • Available with 7 byte unique identifier (7B UID) or 4 byte non-unique identifier (4B NUID)
  • Versatile product portfolio, offering an optimized price-performance ratio
  • mifare1k with 1 KB or mifare4k with 4 KB EEPROM
  • Reduced infrastructure costs due to card and reader compatibility across all generations
  • Memory access conditions freely programmable
  • Many companies with commercial products, enabling a broad and competitive supply chain
  • Personalization options supporting flexibility within 4 byte- and 7 byte UID infrastructure (7B UID version only)
  • Fast time-to-market
Technology RFID-MIFRE
Mobileprinter N/D
Keyboard N/D
Follower N/D
Ready quality N/D
Parcelware Nie
Type Scanner N/D
Modellen N/D
Touch technology N/D
Aantal licenties N/D
Extra opties N/D
Warranty Warranty: 0 months
Quality DPI N/D
Box N/D
Connacting Port N/D
Label Width N/D
Opcje N/D
Printer type N/D
Manufacturer ACS
Operation OS N/D
Color N/D
Printing TEC N/D

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